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Forza the first twelve months

 September 2015 saw the end of my Deauville 650 and it was four months before I returned to two wheels.  The replacement is a Forza 300, Smaller, lighter and easier to handle. The first thing I noticed apart from the size were the brakes. The left hand is for the front and back with ABS so at slow speeds you come to a very sudden stop so for the first month I was quite cautious. Of course the main difference is the weight. Although I loved the Deauville there were times when I felt the bike was riding me as what showed in September 2015. Over the last twelve months the Forza has proved quite stable and being shorter I find leaning into the corners much easier and with more confidence. Weather protection has proved quite good apart from the screen which is smaller than the Deauville but a screen extension from MRA has made the ride quite comfortable. The only other addition is a RAM mount for fitting either a Sat Nav or a camera. The Forza has given me twelve months of pleasure with an engine with sufficient  power to take me just past the National speed limit and mirrors that give me the best view from any vehicle I have had.