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October’s meetings

AGM 24/10/16

Chairman's Report

We had some really good events and rideouts. It was a bit disappointing that not all of the planned events went ahead but also understandable as 2016 has so far been quite difficult for some members. There are many events to be looking forward to - some that have been planned and some that are still in the planning stage .Everyone needs to get involved to make the club the best it can be

Secretary's report

although 2016 has been difficult it is good that we have all supported each other. He agreed with the chairman that we have had some good times despite the difficulties. The Egg Run raised about £2300 this year despite it having to be an unofficial ride. Changing the meetings to fortnightly has been a success. The HOC is facing a dropping membership and indeed over half of the 3 shires members are not HOC members. It is worth joining the HOC even if it is only for the public liability insurance

Treasurer's report

we are in a better position financially this year than we were last year at this time. The change to fortnightly meetings has not had a detrimental effect on the raffle takings as there seem to be more members attending now.

Webmaster's report

The views of the website have gone down this year due in part to the way the hits are recorded. The website upkeep has been having difficulties due to personal reasons. It also is only as good as the information that is given to put on

Election of members

There has been a bit of a turn around of committee members

Chairman - Andy (Snail rider0

Secretary - Keven

Treasurer - Peter

Wemasters - Lyn and Stewart_